Maintaining a sound body goes beyond workout programs for undergraduate members.  It includes physical, nutritional, sexual and preventative health practices.  The habit of maintaining a sound body can be developed during your undergraduate years to help you develop a healthy lifestyle through graduation and beyond.

Sound body programming is an important component of many chapters’ member development plans. However, sound body expectations are important for all members, not just new members. Our chapter provides programming to help all members develop a well rounded approach to developing good sound body habits.

We offer multiple opportunities for the chapter to work out together. We  invite speakers to the chapter to discuss nutrition and sexual health. We encourage every brother to set a workout goal for the semester and then group brothers based on similar interests to hold each other accountable.

You may never again in your life be so closely surrounded by a network that can encourage you to be healthy and hold you accountable to your sound body goals.  Practicing as an undergraduate will go a long way in making sure those habits are sustainable for a lifetime.