Developing a sound mind means living a lifestyle that allows you to expand and challenge your mind both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes developing habits that keep your mind healthy, avoiding stress and depression.

Sound mind programming goes beyond study hours and tutors.  It challenges you to look for learning experiences outside of the classroom and to find unique and innovative ways to continually stimulate yourself and others intellectually. 

While academic success and mentoring are important to the support system fraternities provide, sound mind programming extends well beyond that.  Sound mind programming, can include: time and stress management techniques, reading clubs, tutoring sessions, scholarship help, fantasy academics, graduate school exam prep, and much more. 

These programs will help set you up for success not only during your collegiate experience, but also during your professional life after college.  Younger chapter members often need to learn skills like time management and academic success, while older members can focus on becoming lifelong learners to set themselves up for success both personally and professionally in their life after college.

Good sound mind programming helps develop lifelong habits that continually challenge and expand your mental capacities.   Our chapter seeks out subject matter experts on campus or in the community who can come teach the chapter about topics like philosophy, academics success, time and stress management, graduate school, studying abroad, and/or being a lifelong learner.